Monday, December 04, 2006

Kismet Kate and Dave Winer?

From the dept. of trivial but unavoidable coincidences: A search for Katherine Harris brings this interesting image from Scripting News (what is she to Dave Winer, or Winer to her?) of Dec. 3, 2005:

That would be precisely and weirdly one year before the REVOTE Rally staged in her home district yesterday. On a ballot with many races and issues in Sarasota, Florida, the only result showing any bizarreness was Buchanan vs. Jennings - vying for the House seat Harris abandoned in her doomed Senate effort (against Bill Nelson).

After what happened in Florida in 2000 when she was sect. of state, Harris became the poster child for aberrant elections, certifying Bush's win despite many, many electoral anomalies. Now, with 18,400 missing votes on the ballot for her old seat (about 12.9 percent of the total 142,284 votes), no paper trail, and no clear evidence of tampering, fraud, mechanical brainfart or other malfeasance with Sen. Chuck Hagel's ivotronic voting machines, it's altogether evident that wherever Harris has been, some sprite of dyscalculation is sure to go. The legitimate way to resolve the matter, the people say, is:

Update: A sensible view of the screw-up.


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