Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Planar logistics: = :Pyramidal temporality

Services for Mr. Ford, who died after the fact, . . . will begin Friday in Palm Desert, Calif. . . .. The next day, his body will be flown to Washington. The hearse is to pause at the World War II Memorial on the National Mall in recognition of Mr. Ford’s naval service in the Pacific. His state funeral is to be conducted on Saturday evening in the Capitol Rotunda, after which the public will be allowed to file by the coffin. A service will be held next Tuesday in the Washington National Cathedral. After the cathedral service, Mr. Ford’s body will be flown to Grand Rapids, Mich. Fans of the late "Godfather of Soul" began lining up outside Harlem's Apollo Theater early Thursday to pay their last respects as James Brown's body was driven from Georgia for his last date on the historic stage. A horse-drawn carriage waited to take Brown's casket through the streets of Harlem to the theater to begin three days of wakes. . .. Sharpton said the road trip was necessary because logistical problems had made it impossible to catch the last flight of the evening. "We're determined to make sure he makes the Apollo." Brown will be buried later Saturday in Augusta. Before that, his body will lie in state at James Brown Arena in Augusta, where the 1pm public service will be held. A private funeral service for Brown's family and friends will be held tomorrow. Copsidas declined to say where it would be held.


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