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Businessmodello Furioso

business Look up business at
O.E. bisignisse (Northumbrian) "care, anxiety," from bisig "careful, anxious, busy, occupied" (see busy) + -ness. Sense of "work, occupation" is first recorded 1387. Sense of "trade, commercial engagements" is first attested 1727. Modern two-syllable pronunciation is 17c. Business card first attested 1840.
model Look up model at
1575, "architect's set of designs," from M.Fr. modelle (Fr. modèle), from It. modello "a model, mold," from V.L. *modellus, dim. of L. modulus "measure, standard," dim. of modus "manner, measure" (see mode (1)). Sense of "thing or person to be imitated" is 1639. Meaning "motor vehicle of a particular design" is from 1900 (e.g. Model T, 1909). Sense of "artist's model" is first recorded 1691; that of "fashion model" is from 1904. The verb is 1665 in the sense of "fashion in clay or wax;" 1915 in the sense "to act as a model, to display (clothes)." The adj. is 1844, from the noun.

David Weinberger, in Delaminate the Bastards:
The problem is, this business model requires the carriers to work against the public interest.
David is talking about the way the providers of access to the net are working against the public interest. Read the whole thing - it's lucid, sensible, clear, and openly builds on David Isenberg's Making Network Neutrality Sustainable.

Both Davids say we the users, the people, must act to turn policy around, in the direction of network neutrality.

They are surely right. But what is the recommended method to take a labyrinthine industry's business model apart and create something quite new? How often does this happen?

What they're seeing with corporate network perversion is pretty much homologous with what Michael Moore sees happening with USian health insurance, and again,
The problem is, this business model requires the carriers to work against the public interest.
If a business model is working against the public interest, is it a business model?

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Anonymous Stu Savory said...

Hi Tom,
Rammstein also has an English version of that song, which your readers might better understand. It is only tamed down slightly.

Yours multilingually,
Stu Savory

7/10/2007 2:33 PM  
Blogger Juke said...

At the risk of being overly accessible and non-dithyrambic - is there any identifiable marketable product that hasn't been debased in exactly this manner?
Food? Check.
Water? Check.
Sex? Check.
Stories - which it needs to be constantly affirmed are not some cheap-ass leisure-time indulgence, but the main and central means we have used since the inception of language to pass on constellations of gathered knowledge to the up-and-coming young - ? Check.
These are only some of the irreducible basics. Pretty much everything I can think of has had this happen to it.
It's a parasitic infection we've learned to live with, like ticks and fleas on the unreachable parts of the back of the dog.
Th 'net for many of us was a kind of corner of the library where we could stake territory and confab, against the grim landscape of bullies and their crass sycophants out in the erstwhile commons.
Of course the bloodsuckers want to feed off it, it got huge because it's alive and closer to the main truth of human living, it's a big pumping vital stream of nutrients that's relatively or quasi-marginally relatively unmolested.
The larger question may be what it is we get in return for our subjection to parasitism of this nature. For some, like paraplegics confronting the downside of the automobile, it may be that real healthy living - a vital populist information-flow, a non-vampiric energy set-up, an ecologically healthy engagement with the rest of the bio - would involve an unthinkable return to our incomplete and handicapped way of living.
This way may break the strongest among us, but it sustains the weakest, and over time they will have assumed a majority. And be more comfortable at the feet of their masters than we, some of us, are now.

7/10/2007 8:26 PM  
Anonymous tom said...


Thanks, but far be it from me to do anything to help Amerikans avoid confronting other languages.

7/10/2007 11:00 PM  

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