Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Reality of TV

The noxious drivel spewing from the large flat eye in your "living" room got a bit of attention on Morning Edition today. If we do the math:

Writers Guild Strike Hits Scripted Programming

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Morning Edition, November 7, 2007 · A number of scripted programs are halting production as the strike by the Writers Guild of America plows into its third day. Late-night talk shows were the first to go off the air.

Hollywood Producer Reflects on Last Writers' Strike

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Morning Edition, November 7, 2007 · Hollywood producer Robert Morton, who was executive producer of Late Night with David Letterman during the last writers' strike in 1988, talks about what it was like when the Letterman show resumed production without writers and why they made that decision.

Union Rule Raises Questions for Hollywood Writer

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Morning Edition, November 7, 2007 · NPR blogger and commentator John Ridley says the Hollywood writers' strike has already had quite an effect on life in Los Angeles — even on what can be talked about over lunch.

4 min. 52 sec.
4 min. 03 sec.
3 min. 19 sec.

Total Morning Edition Minutes spent on TV strike: 12 min. 14 sec.


Morning Edition devoted somewhat less time to the unpleasantness surrounding Musharraf in Pakistan:

U.S. Strikes Delicate Balance on Pakistan

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Musharraf Must Reverse Emergency Rule

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3 min. 57 sec
0 min. 48 sec
Total Morning Edition Time spent on crisis in Pakistan: 4 min. 45 sec.

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