Monday, June 16, 2008

attention of media, media of attention

Ronni Bennett in the WSJ writes of bloggers she's met. Included among whom (how very deservedly and nicely) is Frank Paynter.

Tho, I'm just saying, should anyone whisper a certain term elderblogger in my general direction, I'll be less nice.

Anyway, another blogger I know as Bennett knows some of her elderbloggers but whom I would never call an elderblogger could use a few sheckels. If you've spent time with Mike, you have found a potent critique of the Standard Lens of USian media with every post via a rare constellation of range, scope, instructive attention, and intelligence. Unobtrusive honesty, boundless curiosity,and adventurousness too. If you've not visited, do yourself a favor.

For ease of reference.

Add: just noticed this re who's not (yet) in wikipedia. There are more. Sins of omission harder to mediatize or even cognize.

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