Monday, June 30, 2008

Random streamitis

Not to entirely be confused with stromateis:

Can you tell that this:

is this:

If you are in Tallahassee, FL, or select other locales, Wal-Mart can look like this. Still the same inside, as far as I know (didn't enter the one pictured above). Wal-Mart will adapt.

It is good to find the all too, too scrotechafed WonderChicken returning. Who, by the way, is so right about geekcons as to be almost Scriptural. Geeks need to find humans other than viral clones of their geekly pale selves to appreciate.

New oldmedia news: (for the NYT and all media, but especially the NYT, since you there are so high on interactivity) - put a little polling device next to every story you run, inviting your readers to respond to the question, "Is this news?"

Corporations: don't survey or poll anyone over 50 about anything, ever. Life is too short for your shite.

[Add]: Gathering of silence

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