Friday, September 05, 2008

Gov. Palin: Did you really say that?

Has anyone in the alleged profession of journalism asked Sarah Palin if she said,

“So Sambo beat the bitch!”

Or if she regularly uses the term "Arctic Arabs" to talk about Alaska's aboriginal people?

A few people would like to know.

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Blogger Juke said...

"Lucille, who is part Aboriginal, said in a phone interview after admitting that she is frightened of being discovered telling folks in the “lower 48” about life near the North Pole."

Except Palin will remember that, the restaurant and the waitress and the day. Unless "Lucille" is a pseudonym, but even then, given her access to fascist technologies and drones, she already knows who it was if it was a who.
It smells funny, sounds hinky, though the one about the email:
seems legit.
Not that Palin never said "Sambo" etc, not that she isn't a vindictive nasty person, but that Lucille's concerns for anonymity come across with a fair amount of bogosity.

9/06/2008 6:04 PM  
Blogger Tom Matrullo said...

My interest is primarily in the gulf separating the rumor from the official, officious function of the officiated press. No allegedly serious news organization has yet addressed it. This is not something to ignore, and not that difficult to debunk, if it's debunkable. Why does that gulf exist? In what/whose interest does it persist? Vetting takes all kinds of forms.

9/07/2008 9:49 AM  

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