Sunday, January 11, 2009

dream: jeepers creepers

Had a sort of gizmodo-tech dream this a.m. that left some distinct images. It seems in the world of my dream "scientists" had come up with a wireless eyeball that could send visual data directly to some implant in your brain. The eyeballs in my dream were smaller than the human eye - maybe about one-quarter as large.

So in that bridge state between dream and alacrity, I saw that some people had placed a second, small eye inside their eye - in the lower inside corner, near the bridge of the nose. It was perfectly round, and moved independently of the actual eye. This became nearly standard on humans after it proved effective.

Naturally some coolness-factor types needed to upgrade - an additional eye was placed at the other side of the human eye - again, small, round, shiny, independent of the organic eye. So now the gizmo-chic typically would have six eyes.

The next step was fashion. Eyes began appearing on earlobes as earrings, but they worked as eyes, giving greater range of vision. Then came entire strands, braids of chainmail eyeballs like finely braided hair, these eyes were smaller, hanging from ears, draped across hair, dangling from shoulders like casually donned chains. 

These images lingered - accompanied by a certain conviction that this is coming. Thinking about it later, the convergence of tech, organ harvesting, wifi and bling seems not only possible, but natural.

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Blogger jonhusband said...

Yes, I think so too ... and one wonders where the limit will be reached by this or that nectthing that, while augmenting human capability, experience and fashions, takes us one toke over the line to an irrevocable yet very-plugged-in dystopia whereby huanness can never really be experienced again.

Wasn't there a noble savage by the name of John in the book Brave New World who struggled mightily against a version of this ?

By the way, I love the captcha I have to type to post this comment ... protorb ;-)

1/18/2009 1:54 PM  

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