Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Not Pamplona but

Greil Marcus:

... By 6 July 1984, when the Jacksons played the first show of their "Victory" tour, in Kansas City, Missouri... Jacksonism had produced a system of commodification so complete that whatever and whoever was admitted to it instantly became a new commodity. People were no longer consuming commodities as such things are conventionally understood (records, videos, posters, books, magazines, key rings, earrings necklaces pins buttons wigs voice-altering devices Pepsis t-shirts underwear hats scarves gloves jackets - and why were there no jeans called Bille Jeans?); they were consuming their own gestures of consumption. That is, they were consuming not a Tayloristic Michael Jackson, or any licensed facsimile, but themselves. Riding a Mobius strip of pure capitalism, that was the transubstantiation.

Lipstick Traces, cited in this fine piece.

So what just happened - the consuming of the gestures of a wraith's consumption of mourning?


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Blogger Doctor X said...

"Riding a Mobius strip of pure capitalism, that was the transubstantiation." DAMN!

7/09/2009 4:51 PM  

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