Thursday, November 19, 2009

All the other people's writing that's fit to print

This guy* might have a point --
"Is it appropriate for a national newspaper to reprint my personal tribute to Edward Woodward as if it were an article written for them?" tweeted Wright today. "They just lifted it from my blog without asking. And cut off the entire end section about my last meeting with him … I'm not talking about quotes. Am talking about the entire article. But with edits they made that make me look ill informed and unfeeling … Perhaps they would like to send the fee they would pay the commissioned writer of such an article to Edward's memorial... ." Media Monkey
Grosso modo: To what extent are news organizations like the Times trapped in a print publisher's economic model (and, btw, of news) that is already on its way towards being outmoded? And if that's the case, how can they be relied upon to provide us with news?

*via a Jarvis tweet

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