Saturday, August 07, 2010

Hard to find

Mike, who used to blog frequently as informant38 among other personae, could well be - in fact, is - my candidate for Quartermaster of Microsustainability, if ever we all must go aboard a fragile ship in a dark time. He lives on virtually nothing in a rural area of CA. To get to a networked computer anymore he has to hike, or hitchhike, quite a ways.

This hasn't prevented him from blogging here and here, as well as other places. The top photo of informant38 always clicks through to another photo. The relationships between them are fascinating (often involving flags and pyramids).

Some of Mike's words:

Elements of the flag/pyramid juxtapositions can be found here and here.

He uses words, images, sounds, colors, links and does not stop, regardless of how precarious his perch on this world becomes. I used to hear from him fairly often, but now more rarely.

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Blogger Mike Golby said...

Many thanks for posting this and pointing to Informant38, Tom. It's a remarkable blog and his latest flag/pyramid juxtaposition (Horseshit) is as inventive as it's arresting and dark - it must be one of his stronger compositions. Also, good to see he's been blogging since back in the day, outlasting many or most of us.

8/12/2010 3:47 PM  
Blogger Tom Matrullo said...


There are large themes to informant38, developing over years, and all kinds of sign posts, premonitions, things seen from afar that later became media joyrides. Glad you saw fit to quote some of his recent post on FB, about the absence of the possibility of care in the marketplace, which he calls a "non-social organism." I know you're now active on FB, as are others who used to blog. Do you not worry things will sort of get lost there?

8/14/2010 7:54 AM  

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