Thursday, February 21, 2008

Smear in the web mines

Today I visited what might be my kid's kindergarten next year - very cool school - hope he gets in. It's not one of those Hahvahd-bound $23,000-per-year gold-plated shoelace places, it's a public school with dedicated staff working with kids. For some reason, the whole place just glows.

That and a few other tasks have slowed my efforts to assimilate and usefully write about FASTForward08 -- it's getting there. I am unable to resist this lousy photo I took. You will note that the 90-foot-wide TV screen up there is sufficiently bulky that it was last used for the 2004 Democratic Convention -- at least that's what one fellow said, who seemed to know.

But it's the statement that got me wondering if there is a Jacques Lacan School of Marketing somewhere, perhaps in Oslo, where FAST hails from?

Or even more wondrous, if those who are exploring search in the deep ways that were suggested at this conference have performed their own searches in the nether places of the psyche before taking their quest to the loomings beneath the surface of the web...

Of this I'm sure: there's a lot more to this craft of deep search* than can be found in Horatio's business plan.

*e.g., listen to how FAST ceo John Markus Lervik talks about search in this clip
with Jerry Michalski.

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