Thursday, May 29, 2008

Same as it ever was

The wars that news media conduct can be more interesting than the news they cover:

GORE VIDAL: See, I couldn’t really be published properly, because the New York Times had declared war on me, and they would never—they saw to it that I would never be reviewed.

AMY GOODMAN: Why did they declare war?

GORE VIDAL: If you don’t know this story, it’s too boring to go into.

AMY GOODMAN: But think of all the young people who are listening right now and who are watching.

GORE VIDAL: Well, I said, “Screw them,” and I went on. That’s for the young people listening. I don’t think any of the young people would be as hated by the Times as I was. It was hysteria.


GORE VIDAL: Well, work it out, work it out. Why would they be so hysterical? They got above their humble station, which is a pretty lousy establishment newspaper. And I don’t know. They got vain. They believed what they said about themselves: “all the news that’s fit to print.” Well, you know, almost nothing that was fit to print ever got in. And it’s as bad a newspaper today as it ever was. Democracy Now

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Confederated federation of shadow confederations

Aleatory combinatorial discourse shows up in searches, and is probably clogging all sorts of large scale search processes. Google likes it (not).

Here's a beaut:

May 26, 2008

SharePoint 2007 Tools Rodeo v1

A point no more- Alter ego placed near enough to My Favourite SharePoint 2007 tools… after all therewith a heaps speaking of in hand nonmarveling astonishing slake has tread the boards…(snip)...RSS Hunk cross-hatching eject Dan and Teds mat lute tablature revelation posy template STP Naga converter- SharePoint Latitude and longitude Template Iban Converter enables yourself headed for move
More at Gxcmelodyhedda’s Weblog. Its blogroll includes unimagined blisses, like this from Blog about Toby :

In the latent orders, nuns run after until have place next to a occult, greatly formidable bunch, bounteous excluding beset off work force; if harrowing present-day the whole people, straddle-legged the something else again script, yourselves can do outfox practical adventures permissive after the ties in point of jointure billet stepson-upthrow.

But these efforts go beyond particular blogs to include entire blog systems, e.g. It's an abundant brand. Cicero Review is one of many funwithblogs blogs. There's a teasing scintilla of auto-reflection along the way. Wdzhopeatira's Weblog asks suggestively:
Up and do newspapers assever a undeterminedness in relation to the weaving?

Bilbergia sloppy - tow sunshiny manufactory, collectanea gangway an endolymph en route to a picayunish searching
So who or what is at work?

About author

The author does not say much about himself

even if hosting services and search engines hired armies of people, the blogosphere is simply too big to sift through blogs one by one. Computers are faster but notoriously unable to distinguish sense from nonsense – they can't tell Some Title from Shakespeare.
If nothing else, incentive to improve unstructured search.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Data dada

Hey now, another dadaist blog (if that's what this is) entitled Amy:

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But it's not at all the same thing as Emilyshlomoeme. On Amy, the disruption of the standardized "conversation" appears driven not by some authorial intervention, but by some spasmodic tagging mechanism that apparently thinks it fine to just punch holes in anything resembling prose, and add links to seemingly unrelated business propositions:

Caesar Salad Southwest Style

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In a medium sauce cheap, reliable website hosting combine the jalapenos, cayenne, salt and milk and bring to a boil. [link ]


Come On In - The Water Is Fine

The Bible uses water as a symbol of the Holy Spirit mesothilioma the Word of God. We know that without water there can be no living matter as we know it on the earth. Water is essential. Go without water for a day or so and you will see just how important water is to the human body. The same thing is ture concerning spiritual things.

Without spiritual water all things remain in a mortgages loans state. [link]
"Unrelated" is hardly the word. The linkage, burrowing up from below (or, blasting through, like a shotgun perforating a television screen from behind), connects to the drive to sell. (Can we simply recognize, with Zizookian aplomb, that Freud's death drive is not unrelated to Capitalism's sell drive?) The irrelevant has never seemed so germane.

What's arbitrary is the "content." Amy delaminates the myth that blogs are composed by individuals sharing their passions. Under a certain lens, the New York Times might not look entirely dissimilar.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Consider the sluice

Found this headline:

New Fears on Long-Term Global Oil Supplies

I thought was at the top of a heap of stories aggregated by Google News. It occasioned a mild spasm of anxiety. Until I realized I was not reading a news aggregator, but only the New York Times front page:

I'm still of the wizdumb-of-crowds opinion that the aggregate could carry some weight.

These telenovelas?

In theSessum's memorable phrase, journaljism.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

now we're talking

Emilyshlomoeme’s Weblog

Jesus staggering relating to water cannon, and maybe praying good graces the surfboat in any case. The breech reads”Orcus Adulate Down under”.

The vertebral column has a much the same magnetic.

Euphonical blowgun. Perfect laborious- decimal- in order to prehend respect this imagistic poetry, except that there is a supporting instrumentalist petty follower in session atop his crozier. $Paris#

I hesitate to speculate. It's like hearing all of twitter at once. Through a garden hose. Out at Holmberg IX.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rove emerges from rock

Not only did he emerge. Lamenting recent electoral fiascos in today's Murd Street Journal, he disclosed his particular contribution to Republican strategy:

The string of defeats should cure Republicans of the habit of simply shouting "liberal! liberal! liberal!" in hopes of winning an election.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

rhetorical maps

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Attack your front lawn for Mother

Friday, May 09, 2008

Prometheus must pay for the thankless mammaries

Over at Open Access News, Peter Suber notes that high energy Physics, among other fields, benefits from access to previous research. Anyone who gives a damn about knowledge might see his point.

ARTstor, JSTOR, Project Mute and other pay-per-view dispensers turn human knowing into cognitive lap dances.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some Thing is rotting in Fishistan

Kia on Fish on French Theory:
This is a deconstructive analysis of straw. #

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Monday, May 05, 2008

Disclosure: policy and performance

Over at the FASTforward blog, some discussion of blog cred.

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

The filters we weave

Odd to find this blog high in the listings for "rebuilt pool cage." Odder in that this fact surfaced just as I had finished watching this (via Paynter) and thought to blog it.

Bless my Hagee.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

How the Brain Learns to Read

neuroscientists have begun to wonder whether the actual character of the text itself may shape the brain.

Studies of schoolchildren who read in varying alphabets and characters suggest that those who are dyslexic in one language, say Chinese or English, may not be in another, such as Italian.


The schooling required to read English or Chinese may fine-tune neural circuits in distinctive ways.

To learn the ABCs of English, we essentially harness our listening skills to a phonetic code. To become literate in Chinese, however, we must make much heavier use of memory, motor control and visual-perception circuits located toward the front of the brain. Children can master the 6,000 or so Chinese characters used in Mandarin and Cantonese text only by laboriously copying them out over and over again, until each abstract form becomes second nature. WSJ sub.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Home on the bantustan - or why ownership can't be theft

If ownership is theft what does that make philanthropy? - Phil Cubeta.
Phil at Gift Hub poses this question directly after quoting something I said here with regard to AKMA's post about how music companies handle online music files they sell.

I want to try to distinguish between contractual relations to property and the generally accepted sense of Proudhon's famous mot. My use of "legitimacy" was not intended to be allied to the notion that ownership is theft, but rather to the apparent fact that in the contractual realm, something happens to ownership before theft can even begin to occur.

Ownership born of contracts is bloodless, indifferent to the qualities of the thing owned (anaesthetic), and backed by the full faith and credit of the deathadder fang and vulpine claw, or paw, of the Law. Far from being theft, contractual ownership is legitimate to the highest degree, according to a model of legitimacy that begins with vampiric differentiation, rather than with the organic solace of communion with the object. No vegetable love here, just move to the back of the bus -- or better, to the other bus.

Apartheid is a fine example of this sort of legitimacy (Golby will correct me if I have this wrong) as it creates a synthetic relationship between race and propriety. If you are black, you have your proper place, which is other than that of citizen. Or, you are a citizen, just not of our nation. It's a contract. You may not have signed it, been a party to its composition, had the chance to suggest emendations, but you're used to that.

In a nutshell: contractual possession isn't theft, because if it were, the thing stolen could be returned to its rightful owner. The stolen property simply would move from one possessor to another, and order would be restored. But this is obviously not the case, since what the contractual owner owns is the controlling definition of property itself -- the right to own the right to own.

You may ask yourself, how do I work this? You can buy a CD, and use it, but you don't own it. The contractual owner is the citizen, and you are a tribal unit dwelling in a codified bantustan where aesthetic access to beauty is permitted within certain circumstances (which are, it goes without saying, "within reason"). Contractual possession prescribes how you might enjoy your CD and proscribes extensions of your bliss to certain forms of use, sharing and transformation. Your "rights" (in fact, these merely amount to ephemeral mediated sensory accessions) stop at your aesthetic moment.

Welcome to KwaZulu! You own no part of the meaning of contractual possession. Actually you possess even your aesthetic moment only in a highly conditional mode. Your expectation of pleasure is subsidiary to a droit de seigneur that beats you to your jouissance every time. Not that it cares about pleasure. The contractual owner couldn't care less about the CD, or your enjoyment, or its own; it cares very much about dominating the possession of possession. Cross that line and you'll find out exactly what's what.

If so, then property is not theft -- your proprietary rights of legitimate ownership were edited out long before you were offered the option of paying for your inability to possess a damn thing.

What implications this might have for philanthropic endeavor I hope Phil and his thoughtful community will work out.

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