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Federal Republic deux.oh

I could become a trained killer easily. Six days of work in seven days, without time to take a shit in your own toilet at home and I'm ready to behead a monkey. Why a monkey? Because that's what everybody is at that point. Fucking monkeys. Saw my own head off. Wally
It is not news that democracy and capitalism are incompatible. Let's see if we can parse this:

1. Worker exchanges life, time, for wages/salary. Employer dictates terms on which life and time are exchanged.

2. Government takes portion of worker's wages/salary to be applied to cohesive, large social benefits, like Katrina rescue operations, Iraq wars, boots for Ms. Rice, etc.

3. Large corporations pay little or no taxes.

4. Elected servant of the people, headpiece filled with tax dollars, puts the victimization of a weak foreign nation above the needs and priorities of his 300 million employers.

If this is true, the good news is, in the current (fraudulent) democratic taxocracy, the government depends on Wally more than on his employer.

In a capitalist democracy, our dollars would be our votes. We could direct them to pay for housing programs, or healthcare, and withhold them from fuckturdances such as Iraq, high border walls, CIA covert ops in Latin America, Cheney, etc. Our expression would have performative power, not candyass bleat.

Alas, under the current primitive taxing powers, we can't really target our withholding of withholding tax. We have no choice but to withhold it all, because free speech without representation of taxation is neither free, nor even (thanks to the negation of voice by media) speech. It's just bedlam shits. As certain founding fatherly types went to some trouble to make clear.

Here's what you do: Tell your "representative": Not another dollar. Not another bloody monkeyhead nickle. Not a centime, until there's someone in charge who acts at the behest of the people, not at the behest of his inner moran.

I think Jon Husband enunciated something of the sort hereabouts recently.

Consider it: every tax cent that is supposed to go to the Federal Government, quietly withheld. Sort of as an act of civilized discretion. If you work for one of the infinitesimally few corporations that actually pay federal tax, go on strike. If you buy gasoline, stop driving. No tax to Washington until the national operating system is corrected to reinstate representational taxation. Honestly, I'd willingly pay more tax if I had something to say about where and how it was used.
It is inhuman to talk of a million sterling a year, paid out of the public taxes of any country, for the support of any individual, while thousands who are forced to contribute thereto, are pining with want, and struggling with misery. What is called the splendour of a throne is no other than the corruption of the state. It is made up of a band of parasites, living in luxurious indolence, out of the public taxes.

As the man says, fuck me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tax exposure shrinkage via ufob

1/17/2007 11:32 PM  
Blogger Jon Husband said...

it's amazing how often and how stiffly we all get fucked ... at least in Canada we still feel some connections here and there to the expenditures of our tax dollars, but less and less. Not as bad as the USA, clearly. There it's now every other afternoon, out on the front lawn, no blankets or pillows even, with the cars and buses whizzing by. Laws ? Accountability ? Bugger off and get out of our way.

1/19/2007 5:01 PM  
Anonymous bmo said...

It's always been my problem with globalization or cheap labor conservatism or any of it for that mattter - it seems stupid to with intention wipe out the labor that built the little empire Buddy's sitting on in the first place.

Buddy thinks it's Him. Buddy always does.

But people good at making money see the prize and move with haste, and to the swift a power shift. But labor has a collective knowledge. Of how things need to be done to get done. Plainly put.

Wally it would seem has a great deal of power, potentially. But his life has been appropriated, and his natural urge to be political consumes him in the form of small shop floor politics. All this because he gets Good Money.

If Wally's Good Money goes poof, into the wind, Wally goes poof. Or it would seem gangbangbangbanging

That so much of that precious Time Thing and Energy Thing and Social Thing the Political Thing has been robbed of a guy like Wally - he hasn't a clue, really.

Ostensibly, it's all about an exchange. Your mind, your soul, your body - permanently shot, bent - placated, drugged, humiliated and intimidated into thinking that the good money is fair exchange. House. Car. Plasma TV.

A life that is made up of everything else. Of course, it's all fun and games 'til Wally goes off, with the Bedlam Shits, and lives with Bear and Wolf in Pines.

'North of seven' is a phrase heard in my parts and refers to a highway - The Trans Canada. North of seven and you are a bit Hill. Off grid.

The potential for a tax revolt here is already real. No one is holding back, just not giving. A friend once suggested that there was a minimum number, theoretically, measured in cash or people, whetever. He had it worked out like a business plan. By Jethro's reckonin' he figured it was 500,000 people in Canada (handy conversion tool: multiply by ten)

5 Million US.


1/21/2007 7:33 AM  
Blogger Jon Husband said...

I have half-on-purpose kept my income at levels that incur no taxes for the past five years .. not so really tough if one adjusts a consumer-oriented mindset to something else.

I am noticing comments like the following more and more often here and there on blogs:

When will we ever come to the conclusion that they only way to deal with a madman in office, corrupt politicians and corporate take over of goverment must come from means and methods outside of politics and procedures as usual?

Should it be massive civil disobedience, demonstrations and riots? I do not know. Should it be the overthrow of the government with its attendant destruction of the country and untold suffering to the masses?

I hope not. However, I am mindfull that in the near future, a great mass of the poor, working class and middle class will wake up to the consequences of a government controlled by, for and of the rich/corporate citizens. We have seen similar clashes in the past with the formation of unions, revolt of the farmers against the railroads and the revolt of the Russians against the elite of Russia. My guess is that the modern technology of oppression, fear mongering by the Bush administration and effective divissive tactics will delay the onslaught of an effective response by the people. Unfortunately, it could very well lead to the kind of civil unrest and violence that could well destroy this nation and our democracy.

1/22/2007 2:50 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Duly plundered some of this in a posting on my blog; here's hoping that was no insult!

1/26/2007 11:10 AM  
Anonymous tom said...

au contraire matt...

1/27/2007 11:17 PM  

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