Wednesday, July 09, 2008

the poo of homogenized discourse

Jeremiah Owyang (friend of Dave Winer) posted a message [on friendfeed]:

Despite all the hubbub about Blogs 'killing' mainstream media in 2005-2006, most of today's top blogs resemble mainstream media or star columnists.
A hubbub of comments ensued.

kiwi light:
The room is painted a "poo" brown. - not very nice. When you buy telepresence you buy the room including all the furnishings etc. this means that every telepresence room looks the same so even if you are using telepresence with other companies you still get the feeling that you are around the same table

trompe l'oeil images.

In both instances, a corporate illusion is introduced to create perspectival effects of continuity, simultaneity, likeness. A necessary part of incorporation?

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