Thursday, July 15, 2004

Latex res publica

[Florida] state officials announced on Saturday that they would throw out a controversial list used to remove felons from the voting rolls, acknowledging that Hispanic felons were absent from the list. NYT

It is unclear why the state cordoned off Hispanic felons to a separate database in the first place. It might be noted that many Hispanic voters are pro-Bush, anti-Castro voters in Miami-Dade's expatriate Cuban community.
...a spokesman for Governor Bush, said the governor was "taking full responsibility" for the problem with the list...

The way Kenneth Lay has publicly taken full responsibility for Enron. "Taking responsibility" for these people turns out to mean: doing one's job from within a moral condom that insulates the Big Swinging Dick from knowledge, plausible awareness and legal culpability.

A failure of intelligence:
Whiskey Bar: How many times does the Bush family have to steal a Florida election before they finally get it right?


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