Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vernaculars speaking to each other

David Weinberger's modesty has me wondering if I'd overreached. I think not. He's registering something large, in a language widely shared. He has much to say about Aristotle, meaning, and the implicit. One stretches to connect it with what else one thinks is registering something of that kind. Benjamin comes to mind because he nearly always comes to mind, and seems always to be thinking about the implicit. Not a matter of deep or shallow, but a translation to and from another "community of readers," as AKMA describes it.

The figure of the collector in Benjamin is charged with more than mere object appropriation and arrangement. It might in fact be closely tied to the act of arrogation constitutive of communities of readers. One not only can collect to some enclave walled off from the light of the public sphere, as private collectors, corporations and others institutions are wont. One also can collect from -- to wrest from the experts, the JSTORs, the intellectually appropriative authorities of the past -- what is in reality the common heritage of everyone.

One tries to make certain tentative translative steps. I hope to make a few more.


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